Christianity in the 21st Century

The twenty-first century is characterized by the ubiquitous nature of information, the mastery of sophisticated technology by large portions of the population, the awareness of the contextual nature of knowing and reasoning and a shift in the basic understanding of the nature of the scientific endeavor away from the Enlightenment paradigm that dominated earlier centuries.

Christianity in the Twenty-First Century Inc intends to be a producer of literature of theology in order bring about an engagement of Christians with contemporary science and philosophy.


Divine Action in the Framework of Scientific Thinking

From Quantum Theory to Divine Action

During the Enlightenment, many theologians gave up the claim that God could act in the universe because the world was envisioned to be completely describable by scientific laws and therefore there was no space left where God could act.

Surprisingly the development of quantum theory has resulted in the discovery of limits to causality. Now an account for divine action compatible with scientific theories is possible.

The book investigates the concept of divine intervention as envisioned in the nineteenth century, surveys the development of quantum theory and of theories of divine action starting from William Jamesís idea of an indeterministic universe, ending with the contemporary approaches by Robert Russell and Nancey Murphy and finally proposes a new theory of divine action as a holistic act, analogous to personal agency, through quantum determination.

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Abstract Excerpt
2005 Presentation in Oxford, UK: Einstein, God and Time
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